Thursday, December 25, 2014


Susan asked for an A.M.Leonard Garden Scoot, and that is what's in the package; it says so right on the box.
She sure was excited as she started slicing it open.

But, What's This?  This isn't part of a Garden Scoot!

It's a Redcoat!  Note that a 25 yard steel AQT is sitting on the dining room table.  That is Pattie's.  I gotta tell you; that box was hard to carry in with the Garden Scoot and more than 30 pounds of steel added to it!  Susan will be shooting 1/4 mile before you know it.  Many thanks to Brian of Rifleman Training Targets for the quick service getting this great target to us!


Merle Morrison said...

Very nice!!!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I'm off this week, so I hope we can shoot a little video and share the clang with you.