Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Mr. Completely e-Postal Matches For 2015 Have Begun!

Click Over to Mr. Completely's blog to download your target for March, 2015.  Read the rules, formulate your strategy, and pack your range bag!  This match could easily throw you into negative scores, so you will have to control your breathing, knuckle down and squeeeeeeze those shots off.

This contest favors small calibers.  Any hits on the lines score as negative points, so you might want to spend some time shooting sighters before you shoot for score.

Many Thanks, Mike, for posting this and continuing the tradition.

2015 Mr. Completely e-Postal Schedule:
March: Mr. Completely
April: Conservative UAW Guy
May: Smallest Conservative
June: Engineering Johnson
July: Billll's Idle Mind
August: Merle (On True Blue Sam)
September: True Blue Sam
October: Mrs. True Blue Sam
November: Sand Castle Scrolls

1 comment:

Merle Morrison said...

I'm going to get brave, or maybe foolish, and shoot some 44's and 45's. It's been a long winter & I'm glad to see this match.