Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where Is My Wandering Zero Tonight?

Normally when you see a target like this you would think that the shooter was all over the place.  In this case, Susan was shooting, and because of her rifle training through Project Appleseed, she is able to call every shot, even when shooting rapid-fire at Pistol League. I was standing next to her and watched up close, and she was shooting well.  She knew where her red dot was when the trigger broke, and the shots were often going wild. I checked the scope and mount, and they were both tight, so I went to the bench behind the barn and shot very carefully at fifty feet.

The shots went to the dot some of the time.  They often went right, left, up, and occasionally down. I pulled the little red-dot scope off and mounted a different  one we had in reserve.  with two, three shot groups it was nearly centered, after the third group it needed one more click, and then it was close enough.

There are many lessons a person can take away from this.  Optics allow a person with poor eyesight to shoot well; something that we all begin to appreciate as we age. Training and regular practice improve your skills, and those shooting skills can be used in multiple ways. Susan's rifle training is making her recreation time with her pistol a positive experience, and she will be wicked on the steel plates next summer.

You would be hard-pressed to find better shooting lessons than those provided by Project Applseed. Click that link to read all about it and to find a session in your neighborhood.  For a special treat, attend a class offered Patriots' Day weekend this year and you will get a special patch commemorating the 240th anniversary of the Shot Heard 'round The World.


Merle Morrison said...

Looks like the red dot took a dive. I have learned (as usual, the hard way) that inexpensive optics are not a bargain! Is there any warranty for that sight?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Bushnell has a one year warranty on red dots, and this one is more than a year old. I may send it off and see if they can make it work. Susan really liked it 'til she had trouble with it.