Thursday, November 5, 2015

God Blesses His Beasts

Some folks see miracles; some don't. I do. Today was a wet day and I had plenty of writing to do inside, but I had a call from a landowner who was insistent that she needed help with a timber sale. I usually take down information, and then do a recon later so I can offer good advice. The lady then came to my office so she could show me on a map where her land lies; then she wanted to go right then and have me look. Well, it wasn't raining that hard, and I enjoy walking in the rain, so I went. I made a big circle through her woods and needed to cross a creek, but the bank on the opposite side was too high, so I walked downstream looking for a place I could hop. I found this little girl on her back where she had fallen down the bank. I picked her up and she was still alive, but almost unresponsive. I placed her between the root swells of a big red oak for protection and she was still breathing when I left her. I don't know if she will recover or not, but at least she won't die on her back, and the rain tonight would have finished her off in that streambed. Take your blessings when God hands them to you, and be sure to offer thanks.

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