Saturday, May 13, 2017

Another Heinous Anti-Gun Bill In The Illinois Senate; SB-556

From IL GUNLOBBY : "A new gun ban has been filed in the Illinois Senate SB-556 would prevent you from taking a so called assault weapon out of your house. It would not allow you to go Hunting with many of your current rifles or shotguns. . . "  Link To SB-556

This bill is a very bad one.  It will outlaw guns like an old Winchester Model 74 in .22 Short or Long Rifle, because it is an semi-auto holding more that 10 rounds, and the magazine tube is not under the barrel.  Go read SB-556 , and start calling your Illinois Senator and Representative. I don't think it is scheduled for a committee hearing yet, but I will keep an eye on the IL GA site and post again when I see it.

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