Friday, May 5, 2017

Bad Attitude Pruning

All the experts tell you not to use a chainsaw for pruning.  Those experts must have never had a line of eastern red-cedars to clean up.

Several years ago we were pruning a long row of eastern red-cedars, and doing it right with a hand saw. After several trees I figured out that I was never going to finish if I didn't speed it up, because these darn things have a lot of limbs. I have been using a chainsaw for some pruning tasks ever since even though we aren't supposed to do that. If you are going to cheat like I do, do it only with trees having a wide branch angle so the top of the bar doesn't cut the stem of the tree; be extremely careful with the bar so you don't get a kickback. Have a sharp, fast-running saw. Take the weight off by making shortening the branches down to about 6 or 8 inches before your pruning cut. Make the stub as short as possible, but do not cut into the branch collar. Wear your protective equipment.

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