Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Tree Falling Steps: The Importance Of Hinge Thickness And Placement

Here is an interesting chainsaw video to watch.  Anyone who has been through Game Of Logging training does things differently.  Loggers say that we only know one cut, and that isn't quite true, but we do some things consistently.  Once you have had good training on cutting trees you will make the cuts on the front and back of the hinge at the same height.  That eliminates twisting and shearing of the hinge wood.  We also watch carefully just how thick the hinge is.  If the hinge is too thick you are asking for a barberchair, with loss of control of the tree and possible damage and injury. 

I don't know why the faller is using a jack on this tree; it's not that big, and wedges would have sufficed. The extra power of the jack was part of the problem, but the high back cut combined with the thickness of the hinge were the real causes of this accident.  If you haven't had training, get it!  Learn to bore cut and to set up a tree so it goes when and where you want it.

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