Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Carmi Rifle Club NRA Day After Action Review

 The Carmi Rifle Club usually has two events for the public in May and June every year.  We start out with Women On Target, and then in June we do the NRA Day.  Both events are popular. The Covid Lockdown shut us down earlier this year, but we were able to organize for NRA Day in the Fall. There is safety instruction, shooting a variety of firearms that our members provide for the day, lots of fun and cheeseburgers for lunch!

                                             Mike and Valinda Rowe providing instruction.

                                                Valinda explains scoring a bullseye target.

                                                               Punching out the X-ring!

             Club members bring an impressive selection of pistols, rifles and shotguns for participants.

                                        Each station was one-on-one with expert instruction.

                                       Who's having more fun; the shooters or the instructors?

We have these kids shooting at 3/4" suckers at 50 feet with .22 rifles, and when they can handle that we have them shoot at clay pigeons on the 100 yard berm. We show them how much holdover to use and tell them to keep their eye on the target so they can observe the bullet splash. One of the kids broke some clays and then started popping the pieces. He said to me, "It's hitting right between the crosshair and the first dot."  Wow!

                                                            A good time was had by all!         Photo Credit, Sheryl Woodham

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events like this make me smila... :)