Sunday, September 12, 2021

An Easy One For Friends

 A long-time friend asked us to look at a dead blue spruce. They were thinking about using a ladder and a battery powered chainsaw, and you know how we feel about mixing ladders and chainsaws. It was easy. It leaned a bit toward the house, but not enough to be a hazard. A front opening, a bore cut to make the hinge 3/4" thick, and out the back, then an easy push over. We also cut some big dead branches off their old trees and pruned up a Bradford pear that had interfering branches. We chunked it all up and they picked up the pieces. Saw is the Husky 550 XP.  The weather is cooling down and we will be lighting the upstairs stove in a month, so I see more wood cutting in the future. Back To The Old Grind!


Hey Booms said...

How do you feel about that 550? I was very interested in one but shied away because of the Autotune. Went with a Stihl 362 without Mtronic. Have you had issues? I liked the wgt. to power ratio and the high chain speed but everything I read about the autotune scared me off particularly the saw correcting for a problem that led to bigger problems. May revisit down the road. Thanks.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

We really like the 550, and it is always tuned to max RPM. When I adjust one myself I tune down slightly for safety of the cylinder and rings. I am thinking about buying the next size up, and I have a new jug and piston for our 359. We will see how that goes. We have a 346 XP that we bought many years ago and that saw continues to disappoint. It appears to be dead in the water now.

Hey Booms said...

Interesting about the 346XP. I have a 353 which is the sister saw that is now 15 years old a runs like a top. I love that saw. I can't even begin to guess how much wood it has cut.