Thursday, September 23, 2021

This Has Been A Big Bird Year

 We hoot with our barred owls nearly every night, we watched baby buzzards grow up, a couple friends bagged gobblers last Spring, and now the Turkey Boys' Club marches around the house every day. 

A flock of geese flew in on the first day of Autumn, and when reviewing the video I see a couple of turkeys slipping through the trees on the far side of the pond. We saw a heron poking around in the shallows today, and turkey vultures from up north are heading south over us every day.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Up here, we call geese "The Canadian Airforce".

Mostly bombers in flight and fighters when nesting.

Merle said...

Lots of birds!

How are the four legged critters doing?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

The raccoons are overpopulated, the squirrels are numerous and have a great nut crop to stow for winter. The deer herd is looking good. We have a couple mothers that have raised their babies around the edges of the yard. I have seen some non-remarkable bucks, but one of our hunters has a picture of a big guy he saw last year, and the antlers are a 10-plus, wide and tall. I hope I get a look at him. I will have to patrol for trespassers.