Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Brittle Tree Demonstrates The Importance Of Your Hard Hat!

 This shingle oak is dry and brittle! Watch the spears fall out of the top when this baby goes over. We will be making wood tomorrow and stacking this one at the house. I watched the seconds tick by, and from the time I turned to escape until the first spear dropped in was four seconds. A small limb dropped in at six and a half seconds, and a really hot spear comes in at seven seconds. Don't stand around watching the tree fall, because part it may be falling on you!


Hey Booms said...

Love the chainsaw vids. 20"bar? Looked like some dead poison ivy on that tree.
I remember once cutting a dead ash on a side hill and as it fell, it sent a 'spear' back towards me. I had nowhere to go ecxept laterally as the hill was too steep. I watched that thing coming at me in slo mo and it hit my forearm. How it didn't break a bone meant I was being 'watched'.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Yes, that is a Husky 550 XP with a 20" bar and full chisel chain. That model has an auto-tuning carb, so it runs at full tilt. I've been smacked by wood coming back, so I usually remember to move!