Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Never Done Making Wood

That is about one week's worth of firewood when we are running one stove around the clock.

Here is about three week's worth of wood.  We run two stoves when the temps go down into the twenties, and the basement stove's wood is all stacked down below. We have enough stacked at the house now to make it to Christmas, and about a month or more as reserve in the barn, so we need about three more months to make it to the end of April. We are having good weather for cutting, so the stacks will keep growing.



Hey Booms said...

Somebody asked me if I have enough. I told them I never have enough wood. It is an on going process no matter the size of the pile and particularly this time of year when the weather is conducive to cutting. Cool, no snow on ground. Old house, older stove, cut we must.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Yup! Rain this morning, but good weather tomorrow. Lots of standing dry wood is available.