Monday, November 29, 2021

Tuesday Torque, 1925 Model T At Work, and 1924 Model T Engine Pulls A Buzz Saw


John in Philly said...

Beautifully made video and I really enjoyed it right up to the part where the gent leans into the belt and threads it around the running pulley.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

John, I left a comment on his video. Back when I was a kid, a neighbor had his overalls and shirt ripped off, plus his testicles. There is no room for error.

John in Philly said...

David. That is the exact area that I thought was at risk when he leaned into the belt.
I skipped commenting on his lack of eye protection and seeming lack of hearing protection.
And I skipped the comment where I said that doing this alone is a very bad idea.