Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Outdoorsman Challenge

 Find the deer. It is less than fifty feet away. Spotting a tiny bit of your game can be the key to success. I spotted her, took photos, and left without alarming her.

And here is the answer. One ear. She spotted me first. Both ears turned to me and I stopped. In a few seconds she relaxed and she no longer faced directly at me. If you are hunting meat and not a trophy, the time you spend in the woods will make the deer become somewhat accustomed to you. 


Hey Booms said...

Wow, that took a bit. The last recipe I tried for buck antlers came out horrible. I'll take a small doe any day.
I do spy quite a bit of poison ivy going up those center trees.
Ok, I need to tell on myself to someone who would understand and maybe not call me an idiot when in truth, I'm an idiot. Went to the woods today to fall a good sized standing dead cherry. Carried my saw and helmet to the tree, sized it up for direction of fall and escape, looks good. Walk back to tractor to get my wedges, fire it up and start my wedge cut. Looking good. Go around back to start my back cut, put the saw in an inch or so and go whoa, somethings not right. Look up, look to my right and 12 feet away is the correct tree I meant to cut. Wow, never did that before. Rinse and repeat and dropped it on a dime. DOH

David aka True Blue Sam said...

They will both burn. No Worries!