Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Bryn Athyn Train Wreck, December 5, 1921

 This wreck should not have happened, and it caused the change to metal passenger cars.


Merle said...

What a sad event.

Hey Booms said...

Interesting story.
There's an old rail line from the 1800's that bisects my property. Ran from the closest city to outlying areas. Both myself and my neighbor keep our sections open for access to firewood, etc. No wrecks here but there were deaths and injuries on our sections, usually from someone jumping on/off so they wouldn't have to go to the station. Lots of coal still around, an occasional tie with a date nail and here and there if lucky, an old bottle. Of note are an old stone bridge on my neighbors and 2 stone barrel culverts all on a historic register.

John in Philly said...

My wife and I watched the entire video, and we have walked through that railroad cut a bunch of times as it's on the rails-to-trails path near us.
As the narrator said, there is signage posted there about the wreck and it must have awful.
It was very interesting to see our area and the train wreck examined and explained in detail.

John in Philly said...

If you go to Google maps and enter "999 Fetters Mill Road, Bryn Athyn, PA " and go to street view, you will see a 2014 view of the post office and the milk platform.