Monday, June 27, 2022

Garden Payoff, Then Trouble

 Susan's onions were mostly done because of the dry weather we've had, so we popped them out of the ground Saturday evening, and had them spread out to dry the next morning. Sunday morning we had 2.6 inches of rain, so we will have beans. Shortly afterward, Susan was standing still when her right hip dislocated and she fell. She will be back in surgery today to put the parts back in place. The garden will have to take care of itself for a few days while I tend to Susan.   UPDATE: Susan had surgery Monday afternoon and the liner (socket) had moved. They put in a new one and have it anchored. We don't know if it moved and she fell, or if she fell and it moved, but she is on the road to recovery again and should be able to walk again soon. 


DaveS said...

Very sorry to read of your wife's hip problem! Hoping and praying for a good outcome. She just had the right hip done several weeks ago, didn't she?

Best wishes to both of you.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

She had the left hip done on May2. And the right one on June 15. This is sure an unexpected setback.

John in Philly said...

I had not mentioned it before, but my one of my sister's hip implants moved, and the job had to be redone.
She has had many, many, trouble free years using the redone hip.
Our thoughts are with you.