Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Nectria Canker

 Nectria canker is a fungal disease that attacks many tree species, but sassafras is the tree that really suffers from it. The effects are dramatic, and common, and you will see it frequently enough that it is an easy disease to remember. The tree will produce new wood around the wound every year, which becomes infected, and a bullseye effect develops over the years. 


Hey Booms said...

Would the same go for black walnut? What is the cause? Depending on where they are located, black walnut on my property either have it or they don't.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Hey Booms, If it is on a branch, you can remove it and maybe succeed. If the trunk is infected, I would remove the tree so it doesn't continue to infect others. Do a search for Nectria canker on black walnut and you will find extensive advice. Thousand canker disease on walnut is a horrible disease, brought to us from China, and moved around the country by Monrovia Nursery in CA. Not much you can do if you get that in your timber. Nectria is a fungal disease.