Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Driveway Activity

 We get alerts regularly on our phones to tell us that a photo came in. Turkeys are fun, the coyote is no surprise, but we don't like him.





                                                                  Neighbor Dogs


                                                             Geezer and Gal



Anonymous said...

Starlight scope and a suppressor?

John in Philly said...

It's better to have a geezer in the driveway than it is to have a geyser!

We noticed some digging evidence under Shed #1 and the trail camera tells us that we have raccoons and skunks under there. There is a photo of a feral cat, but it seemed to be just passing by.

The motion cameras show regular deer traffic, and what we think is a fox has drifted by.

Trapping and relocating only works for a very short time as that seems to leave an opening that the next animal moves into.

More permanent options are ruled out as I don't want to be hauled off to the crossbar hotel.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Raccoons are hard to kill, and will scream unless you get a brain shot. Skunks always spray. They both can be trapped with cat or dog kibble. Handling a trapped skunk has its special challenges. Short .22s out of a long barrel are mighty quiet, about like a pellet gun, but either one carries a lot of risk inside city limits and with homes all around. Raccoons always do a gruesome dance, and it is always horrible to see. We are overrun with them, so I will be working on them over the winter.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Anon: No night scope, and in Illinois we can't have suppressors. Dang.