Wednesday, March 22, 2023

New Foster

We picked up Rufus yesterday. His owner passed away a couple weeks ago. Midwest Schipperke Rescue made arrangements to take over Rufus' care and placement to a new home. He is still traumatized. He was taken from his familiar surroundings and was neutered, vaccinated, and had a dental done with eight extractions. His unkempt toenails were trimmed while he was out for his surgery. He is well housebroken, and sleeps through the night. He has several cushy beds to choose from and his own private dog yard for his frequent walks. He will be seeing our vet for some bloodwork and evaluation. He is at least eight years old, probably more. He is a sweet little boy. 

One of Midwest's volunteers picked him up in northern Indiana and brought him to Illinois. Dog rescue cannot happen without good volunteers. 


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Merle said...

Yep, need good volunteers!