Monday, March 6, 2023

Today, Clean And Lube!

 I helped at a concealed carry class this past weekend. We had eight students, many whom had never handled a pistol. At the end of the class they have to shoot thirty rounds total from 15, 20, and 30 feet. Five of students scored 299 out of 300 possible on their targets.  Pretty darned good!

                                                                  Back To The Old Grind!


John in Philly said...

It also speaks well of the instructors. Well done.

Merle said...

Better than the average grind! :)

tsquared said...

I had an arm injury last year. I can only stand about 5 magazines of 9mm in my 1911 right now. I can now shoot better left handed than I can right handed. The 357 is one shot of a 38+p 0r 1 shot of 10mm. or 1 shot of 45GAP with my right arm. I have a Tanfoglio 9 shot 22LR revolver that has been my goto for shooting at the range for my right arm. The problem is that gun shoots a lot of fliers when in a gun vice. It is a true belly gun as 10 feet is the effective accuracy range. Pistol shooting is definitely a diminishing skill. Two years ago with a 9 shot magazine of 9mm in the 1911 I had a 4" spread at 50'. Now I can't get one in the 5" bulls eye at 30' with my right arm. I will get two or three left handed.