Thursday, June 13, 2024

Bradycardia Blues Update

 Remember Holter Monitors? They have changed! (Image from CardiacMonitoring(dot)com.

They would stick those electrodes all over your hairy body, to be removed several days later, and that is a very unpleasant task. Plus, you are carrying the recorder on your body the whole time, and you are supposed to sleep on your back every night. There have been improvements. 

Holter monitors now are the size of a coat button and the kit comes with two razors so your technician can shave you before sticking down the electrodes. There are very few restrictions in wearing this little device. The most important one is to not get sweaty for the first 24 hours while the adhesive is taking hold. Click that little button when you have an event, and write it down with the time. Take it off after five days and mail it in to the lab. 

We have good news about the heart issues. The cardiologist we were referred to dropped the ball on checking me out for electrical issues, so our primary doctor ordered the Holter monitor as soon as we told him about it. He stepped his game right up after the specialist let us down. We went to Ferrell Hospital in Eldorado and had first class treatment there getting the device. We have heard good things about this little regional hospital, and those good things were confirmed. We mail the monitor next Monday, and I am to go about life as I normally would, so they can see what my heart is doing.


Merle said...

Still hoping for the best!!!

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Merle: We sent off the monitor yesterday, so we should get some answers soon.I checked my pulse a few times today, and it varies from time to time. I can tell when it is going wonky, and the pulse will go down to 28 when I feel it. We will keep you posted!