Thursday, August 20, 2015

1918 Case 20-40; A Tale Of Woe, And Of Triumph!

Last Friday we took off for Pinckneyville and had a very productive few hours looking, photographing, visiting with friends, and shooting video. This beautiful Case from 1918 stood out among the machines we saw moving about the grounds, and we got some great pics.

I just learned today that when they fired this old girl on Saturday, the crankshaft broke. That is a catastrophe if you have a machine from 1918, but People's Good! And Cell Phones! The owners got on the phone, and within an hour they tracked down a crankshaft in Canada that they could purchase. This tractor will be torn down and be reborn in the months ahead.

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Sortahwitte said...

I had just spoke with my friend Chady Atteberry from Blackwell, OK. He and his daughter Beverly had just returned from Pinckneyville and he was filling me in on the details, including the hundreds of plows in the ground. Chady has been a Case steam engine and Case tractor man for many years. He still has his 65 horse and 40 horse engines. He drove the 40 on the incline for many years at the show at Pawnee, OK. He is certainly a gentleman of the old school and has been my mentor and friend for many years.