Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mr. Completely's September 2015 e-Postal: Exponential Windage And Elevation

Expect to have high scores this month! You can shoot from any position so long as your hands support your firearm, and you can really show off your finest marksmanship skills. The rules are printed on the target: Shoot at 25’ with pistol, 25 yards with rifle; any position. Hands, not a rest, must support the firearm. (Your hands can be supported by a rest; you can shoot with a sling from prone.) Fire ten shots. Double your points for scoring in two 20 sections; Double again for scoring in three 20 sections. Double again for scoring in four 20 sections. Double your score for hitting two X’s. Double again for three X’s. Double again for four X’s. SHOOT THE MOON option! Hit all four X’s with only four shots on the paper, get 12,800 points. (Total Possible points with ten shots)

If you fire all ten shots, you can get your X- doubles on 1, 2, 3, or 4 X's, but if you want to Shoot the Moon you must hit all X's. An X can be used for a 20 double, but a 20 without the X is not an X double. Touch a line and you get the larger score. Print the PDF HERE.  

Shoot Merle's target, too, while these two matches overlap. I will split the entries into classes based on your firearm and sight info. I plan to include non-magnified red-dots with iron sights.

Send photos or scans of your targets to: truebluetravelinman (at) gmail (dot) com.


Merle Morrison said...

Help - I can't get the target to down load - my computer is being stubborn again!

Now to decide if I'm brave enough to shoot the moon.....


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I will send the file tonight!