Monday, August 3, 2015

Mr. Completely's August e-Postal Match, Courtesy of Merle

That most prolific postal shooter, Merle has assembled a target and rules for the August Match. Here is his writeup.

Here is a taste of silhouette shooting. The targets for IHMSA and NRA are pretty much the same, so this target gives the feel of either discipline. Go here for the target. 

For each handgun and rimfire rifle print two of these targets.

For centerfire rifles print one target, to keep ammo costs down.

PISTOL DISTANCE: 25 ft/10 yards, whichever is available
RIFLE DISTANCE: as noted in Classes
PISTOL SHOOTING POSITION: Standing, unsupported.
RIFLE SHOOTING POSITION: bench, prone, sitting, any other safe position that does not include a cradle.
    Take five shots at the ram. Try to get them off in two minutes, as that is the standard time. Repeat for handguns and rimfire rifles.

 1. .177/22 cal air pistol, iron sights/non magnified red dot (air or CO2 powered)
 2. .177/22 cal air pistol, magnified optical sights (air or CO2 powered)
 3. rim fire pistol, iron sights/non magnified red dot
 4. rim fire pistol, mangified optical sights
 5. center fire pistol, iron sights/ non magnified red dot
 6. center fire pistol, magnified optical sights
 7. rim fire rifle iron sights/non magnified red dot (25 yds)
 8. rim fire rifle magnified optical sights (25 yds)
 9. center fire rifle iron sights/non magnified red dot (50 yds)
10. center fire rifle magnified optical sights (50 yds)

Anything else; airguns, crossbow pistols, airsoft, muzzle loaders, etc. Shoot it and send it in.

Shoot as many guns as you can, multiple guns per class are fine (as inspired by Mr. C) but only one entry per gun please.
SCORING: center red dot is “X”; black ring is “10”; next ring is “9”, next ring is “8”; any hit completely within the body is a “7” because partial hits usually won’t topple the ram. Any shot touching the next higher rings gets the higher score.
Mark each target with:
The name you want used
Score, including “X” count
Firearm make/model
Any comments that apply.

List your score for each target, plus the grand total for both targets.

Make a scan or take a photo of your targets and send to: truebluetravelinman (at) gmail (dot) com (Do the translation.)

Include photos from the range and your gun if you like.

Good luck!!!

Thank You, Merle! This looks like a good contest, and it should not be intimidating to new shooters. This is a good contest for including family and friends, so take a carload when you head to the range. 

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