Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gun Blogger Rendezvous! August 20-23!

That is just two weeks, so get busy, register, and make your travel plans!
Kevin over at The Smallest Minority has assembled a nice collection of videos from previous Rondys. Click Here to see his post. My favorite is Molly Smith blasting out impressive times with her Smith and Wesson revolver.

Lucky Gunner and Mr. Completely have arranged for a new activity this year. Attendees will try their skill at an indoor simulated steel event, shooting at paper in a four lane bay at Reno Guns and Range. Sounds like a good time, and I wish I could be there. This sounds like something that would be good to do at indoor ranges during our Midwest winters.

CLICK HERE to sign up with Lucky Gunner for Gun Blogger Rendezvous X! Read all about the Rendezvous while you are at this link, and read more at This One.

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