Saturday, August 1, 2015

Steam Events!

Rushville, Indiana is coming up next week! August 6-9, 2015.

Rough and Tumble Historical Association, Kinzers, PA is going to be in two weeks.

American Threshermen at Pinckeyville, IL will also be in two weeks!

Bonus Video from Kinzers!

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John said...

My first trip to Rough and Tumble could have been a half century or so ago. Last time there was two years ago and we saw the big Cooper engine running. We took another couple with us, and we forgot to tell her that any white clothing was a bad choice. Now she has permanent reminders of what coal soot looks like, she was not greatly upset, and they both enjoyed themselves.

Now if only they could add an engineroom from the Allen M. Sumner or Gearing class destroyers I would feel right at home.

Maybe when we are both retired, we could travel to some of the more distant shows.

Thank you for the effort you put into your blog.