Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Multi-Talented Mr. Completely

Meeting Mr. Completely in person at GBR-V was a great thrill. Bea and True Blue Sam both traveled to Reno to represent this blog, and we were warmly greeted by Mr. C and KeeWee when we arrived at our meeting room. Here, we see Mr. Completely and The Smallest Minority welcoming Lori Petoske, the representative from Ruger Firearms. Lori soon impressed the entire group of bloggers with her shooting skills out on the range.

During our show-and-tell session, Mr. C provided the group with some of the super secret details of the machine work and gunsmithing that go into his homebuilt High Standard competition rigs. Here, Mr. Completely explains his stance and grip for shooting steel plates.

Out on the steel range he put us all to shame putting lead onto the plates.

Some of us shot the five shot drag race stage with Bea's .45 Ruger Blackhawk, and I think Mr. Completely smoked both True Blue Sam and Bea with her gun.

He's a fast draw artist, too! CS Tactical goes up against Mr. Completely in this stage, and you could have cut the tension with a knife. The bad guys wouldn't have stood a chance against these two shooters.
We will be posting more about the Rendezvous, so check back once in a while. The Packing Rat (official photographer for GBR) has published a bunch of photos on his blog, so click over there to see his posts. His photo galleries for each day can be viewed by clicking on the 'read more' link at the bottom of each day's report.


strandediniowa said...

Did I see that right?

A HiPoint 9mm Carbine?

Congratulations , Bea.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Dear Stranded:

She can't wipe the grin off her face! TBS