Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Drop Method For Lodged Trees

A few years back I posted a video of a method to drop a lodged tree, by hinging it and letting it fold down in a controlled manner. That method is relatively safe, but it is time consuming, and folding a lodged tree with a hinge results in the treetop becoming vertical sooner than it does with the method in this video. The quick and dirty method is to simply cut downward vertically until you see the kerf begin to close, drive in a wedge, and continue cutting until the the top drops. You have to keep your body parts in the clear, and it is imperative that you dope out whether the top is going to roll, so you can be on the safe side when that occurs. This method saves a lot of time, and as long as you do your part sizing things up, you won't get hurt. The photo below shows how it looks when you have it all on the ground.

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