Thursday, April 19, 2012

Latest Ruger Releases Reviewed By GunBlast

The most basic gun needed in every home is a .22 rifle, and after you have one of those, the basic pistol you need is also a .22. These tools can be used for hunting, varmint control, home defense, and regular shooting practice at an economical cost. Ruger keeps on amazing us with new products, and they have really been teasing me lately with .22's that aggravate my gun itch. Here are some reviews by Jeff Quinn of that show some of the current selection from Ruger

A walnut-stocked 10/22 has been part of our home for more years than I can remember, and Ruger has taken that design to a new level with their 10/22 Takedown model. According to the catalog it is a full pound lighter than a wood-stocked model. It would be perfect for those times that you want to take a .22 along with you on a road trip.

I have been thinking about moving up from the Single-Six to an automatic, and the new MkIII 22/45 Lite really got my attention. My Single-Six weighs 39 ounces, a Target MkIII is 40 ounces, a Target 22/45 is lighter at 32 ounces, but the new 22/45 Lite is just 22.8 ounces! You could pack that little bit of weight all day without it bothering you, and with a scope on top, it would make a good squirrel gun.

The latest version of Ruger's SP101 is an eight shot, adjustable sighted, stainless kit gun, weighing in at just 30 ounces. This would be a good choice, too, for a lightweight .22 that you could easily carry all day in the woods.

Ruger surprised everyone a few years back when they introduced the polymer framed LCR in .38 special. You can also buy that pocket pistol in .357 Magnum, which I think would require an extra tight grip, and now it is also offered as an eight shot .22 in the LCR22.

You can read Jeff Quinn's reviews on these guns and many more at his website,

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