Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gary Bahre Novo Note

 The Mrs and I ran across this 8 HP Novo engine in Eastern Kentucky about thirty five years ago, and it stuck in my head.  In 1986 I called the old boy who had it, and bought it over the phone.  I put some tie-downs in the bed of the old GMC, and made the round trip with my Father-In-Law to bring it home.

 It had been outside for many years, and the water hopper had cracked from water being trapped in it during winters.  I had it shot blasted, primed it, partially disassembled it, and stored it inside.  We finally figured out that even though it was no longer in danger of being ruined by the elements, I was never going to find the time to do a restoration.  In January we sold it to engine collector Gary Bahre, along with an IHC Titan engine that we also picked up in Eastern Kentucky.

 Gary has been keeping us posted on his progress, and he just told me that he expects to have the Novo running soon.  He had to fabricate a few of the valve assembly parts, and his biggest problems now are repairing the broken fuel pump, removing the big iron plug in the top of the gas tank, and cleaning the interior of the fuel tank.

Novo engines are headless, and this photo shows how the valves are hooked into the cylinder.  This will be a big, beautiful restoration when it is done.

UPDATE:  See the Novo run, CLICK HERE.

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