Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Old Times In Burlington

My Great-Aunt Bessye passed away in 1983 at the ripe old age of 90.  One of the things she liked to do when we visited was to take a ride through Crapo Park.  Her negative collection shows that Crapo Park was a favorite gathering place for friends and family during her younger years.  Her husband Carl was a professional photographer, and he took a lot of snapshots during their courtship and early marriage, and I was fortunate to get a stack of their negatives from her nephew who looked after her in Burlington.

That is my dear old Aunt sitting on the Parrot Rifle that was on display at Crapo before the scrap drives during World War II.  I wish I could figure out the identity of the fellow next to her.  It isn't Carl, the fellow she married, and it doesn't look like her father, or Carl's, who makes an appearance in a wedding photo.  Label your photos; someone might appreciate the effort some day.

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danno said...

You are a rich man, my friend!

Those memories are worth more than all the goldin Ft. Knox.

This on top of the barnstormer pics of a few weeks back. I am in awe.