Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Mr. Completely e-Postal Contest: Shoot Like Mr. Hickok

The November e-Postal contest gives us the opportunity to have a little fun like Hickok45.  If you have watched a few of his videos you know that he loves to shoot two liter soda bottles, and they always provide a good show by sending out long plumes of colored fizz.  Mr. Hickok also has a big gong ( I think is about 20" diameter.) sitting out at 80 yards, and he is pretty good at hitting it offhand with any gun he is showing to his viewers.

The rules for this contest are pretty simple.  All shooting is to be done offhand, one or two hands, at twenty feet or as close as you can get to that.  Rifles should be shot as close to fifty feet as you can get; offhand; a sling is recommended.  You are welcome to darken the lines or add color to the bottles so they are easier to see.  It is OK for you to scale the target to adjust for range distances.  If you don't have access to a copy machine that can shrink and enlarge, you can change the target from a pdf to a jpg in a photo editing program, and then scale the target to adjust for your distance.

Shoot the largest bottle one time;  the second bottle twice; the third bottle three times; the fourth bottle four times, and the fifth bottle five times.  Then, ring the gong five times.  Keep track of the number of shots and enter that on the target.  The lowest score in each category wins.  A perfect score requires twenty shots.

Click Here To Go To The PDF of the target; or click the picture of the target in this post.

Photograph or scan your targets and send them to truebluetravelinman(at)gmail(dot)com, by December 1.
Enter the name on the target that you want posted in the scores.

Mr. Completely has asked me to take over the organizing of the e-Postal contests next year, so I will soon be posting his recommendations on how to host an e-Postal contest, and soliciting for hosts.  The current hosts will have dibs, of course, but I think we will have a few slots to fill.  

Update: An Added Bonus!  Billll, of Bill's Idle Mind has filled the bottles with cola, and shared the jpg file.  Click on this pic, save to a folder, and you should be able to print it out to the correct size. 


Rifleslinger said...

So to clarify, the score is the number of shots it took to hit all the targets the prescribed number of times?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Yes, that's correct. Twenty would be perfect, thirty will be pretty darned good. I hope I can break forty.

Billll said...

I am definitely filling my bottles with Coke. The bottom two are close enough to invisible as not to matter.