Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ruger's Project Valour-IT Auctions: You All Missed A Deal Last Week

 Some VERY lucky soul bought the Ruger M77 Mk II Police Rifle in .308 Win last week for a bargain price: $965.  There isn't a rifle like this in Ruger's catalog this year, but just for comparison, the current Ruger Tactical Rifle lists for $1199.  The current model has a 20" barrel, which is more convenient for packing, but will give you a lot more muzzle blast than the 26" barrel of the Police Rifle.  The current model has a molded stock instead of the laminate wooden stock of the Police Rifle, and it also has two forward studs, but does not include a Harris bipod. 

You really need to be paying attention to these auctions every week in case Ruger offers something that you would like.  The current item, which will sell on Wednesday, November 21 is this One-Of-A-Kind .44 Magnum Vaquero with the state of Arizona stamped on the left side.  This gun is perfect for home defense, the trail, or for your collection Click Here to follow the auction, and remember that it goes Wednesday, November 21, Mid-Day.  Your bidding helps wounded heroes, so please be generous!

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