Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tougher Than It Looks; The November e-Postal...

...But a challenge can be a lot of fun. This weekend while the family is together, set up to have everybody try their hand at shooting the Mr. Completely e-Postal match.

Billll, of Bill's idle mind has submitted his target, shot with a Ruger Mk I, with iron sights. The smallest soda bottle and the gong are harder to hit than I thought they would be, and the score to beat with an iron sighted .22 pistol is 45. I am going to give it a go with the Mk III using a red-dot sight on top, and if I don't embarrass myself too badly, I may try it with the Single-Six. Click Here to get the target and study the rules. Use a sling if you shoot this contest with a rifle.  Keep your elbow under the stock, and don't drag wood.

1 comment:

Billll said...

That should encourage more people to have a go.

From the Older I Get the Better I Was department:

"Why when I was your age sonny, I could put all 45 rounds through the gong at 50 yards over my shoulder in a mirror. If a fly lit on my target, I could pop off a shot from the hip and watch it fly away secure in the knowledge that it would never reproduce again."