Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chainsaw Training Opportunity In Southern Illinois!!!!

It's time to work up firewood, and if you have never had real chainsaw safety and use training, this is your chance.  It's a one day session near Dixon Springs, Illinois, on Saturday, October 4, 2014.  After you have had this training you will know how to operate your saw safely, how to make your five step plan to drop a tree, and you will have real hands-on training while you learn your new skills.  Dropping a tree will become child's play to you when you learn the modern way to make your cuts.

 Put that tree where you want it.

Spot problems and learn how to fix them.

 Grade your stumps to improve your skills.

Registration is required!  Cost is $70.  Contact Jim Kirkland at: jakirk (at) illinois (dot) edu, or call 618 695-3383  Jim will send more information to you.

Location: Dixon Springs Ag Center at 7:30 A, 354 State Highway 145N, Simpson, IL
GPS 37.434829,-88.669049.
Field training location:  1275 Carr Road, Vienna IL  GPS 37.438407, -88.801634.

Mr. Kirkland will need your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.  He will also want to know your experience level with a chainsaw.

This is too good to pass up if you will ever use a chainsaw, and the price can't be beat.  Call or e-mail Jim Kirkland right away.  

Photo Credit: J Kirk, Univ. of IL

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