Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Mr. Completely e-Postal...

is up over at Susan's blog. It's a month-long pumpkin-busting festival!

All shooting should be offhand, at 15 feet with pistols.  If you want to shoot with a rimfire rifle, back it out to 25 feet, or more if you want a challenge.  Shoot as many guns as you can haul to the range, and we will sort them out into classes when you submit your scans.  We will divide them up into rimfire, centerfire, and by the type of sights you have, (iron or optical).   Take 10 (Ten) shots at each target you submit.

1 point for a shot on the pumpkin.
2 points for a shot in an eye.
2 points for a shot in the mouth.
3 points for a shot in the stem.
Extra 2 points if you hit the pupil of an eye.
Extra 2 points if you hit a big tooth.
Extra 3 points if you hit a small tooth.

Click Here or on the pumpkin for the link to the target pdf.  Submit your scans by the end of October to truebluetravelinman (at) gmail (dot) com.

UPDATE ! UPDATE! UPDATE!  Merle wrote to us that he would like to shoot centerfire rifles on this target, and also pistol caliber carbine, and of course if you shoot it, we will score it.  Here are suggestions for shooting centerfire long guns:

Centerfire rifle with iron sights; 50 yards, sitting or prone with your arms (and sling if you have one) supporting the rifle.

Centerfire rifle with magnifying optics; 100 yards, sitting or prone with your arms (and sling if you have one) supporting the rifle.

 When shooting at 50 or 100 yards with centerfire rifle, shoot only 5 rounds, and double the points you make on the target.

Pistol caliber carbine with iron sights: 25 feet, sitting, prone or braced; sling OK, but please don't sandbag it on the bench.

Pistol caliber carbine with magnifying optics; 50 feet, sitting, prone, or braced, sling OK, but please don't sandag it on the bench.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mrs TBS! This one looked easy at first, but some of the "options" are going to be tough!

Think I'll branch out a bit for this one; seems like a good target for 22 LR & pistol caliber carbines.


Anonymous said...

printing question:

should I print landscape or portrait?
fit or actual size?

I get considerable different sized punkins, so want to be sure before I print up a bunch of them...


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Print in Landscape. My browser didn't give the fit or actual size options, but it worked. Download and use Adobe, and it is correct with either option, at least it is on my'puter.

Anonymous said...

Good deal - that's what I suspected!
Looks like I'll be able to get Mrs Merle to shoot this one - guess it's a woman thing - men's targets are too tough!
Thank you.