Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Engine Shows Are Just About Done...

Autumn starts next week, and the engine show season will be winding down.  This little homemade tractor, reminiscent of the Happy Farmer, was putt-putting around at Pinckneyville in August.

One of the best gas engine shows in the country will be at Paducah, Kentucky this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Click Here for information.
One of the special treats you will see at the Paducah show is the Falk engine that our friend Gary Bahre put back to working condition this year. It's worth the drive just to see this one!

Here's an example of an actual Happy Farmer tractor. The farmer was probably much happier when he traded up from one of these, but it is fun to look at.

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Anonymous said...

Now that is a unique tractor! Never saw one with a side mounted radiator before.