Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Cousin Found Me!

We received a nice e-mail over the holidays from a gentleman who found us through this blog, and we are related through a great grandfather born in 1834.  Pretty neat!... and he has pictures and family history that we haven't seen.  Of course we have been sending New-To-Him information and photos, too.  It's all great fun.  Here are a couple of Aunt/Uncle/Cousin photos he will be getting soon.

 That's May at the steering wheel, Iva next to her, and my Great-Grandmother Myrtle's forehead over Iva's left shoulder. That's a 1914 license plate.  I wish I knew something about the old car, other than acetylene lights were obsolete in 1914.

And here are all the Garrison Girls; Iva, Pearl, May, Myrtle, Bessye; Nelson and Lovilla, the parents.  Myrtle was one of my Great-Grandmothers, and the one I remember best. The photos came down to me through Bessye.

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Merle Morrison said...

It's always nice to learn about your ancestors. My baby sister has been doing the family history for at least twenty years. Found a few surprises along the way, most of them good.