Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bessemer Update From Gary Bahre

Good News from Gary Bahre!  The cylinder and piston are home from the machine shop, and they look great. The mixup on the piston ring width has been remedied, and the new rings are straight/butt cut rather than the boxlock type that Gary had planned.  Considering that the cylinder is now sleeved, the straight cut rings should work just fine.  The rings are drilled, and pins are installed in the ring grooves so the rings will stay out of the intake and exhaust ports of this two-stroke engine. The piston needed only a little cleanup.

The rod-build is coming along.  Original rods just are not out there in the world, so the broken rod will be replaced by a fabricated one.

Pretty neat! This is welded up from flat stock.

The cylinder has been bored out, sleeved,...

...and ported.  The pins in the piston rings keep the butt ends out of the ports.

Gary expects to have the Bessemer running within a couple months. The rod is the biggest item to finish now, but there are lots of little details that take time as final assembly is done. Photos all by Gary Bahre. Stay tuned for further updates!

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B said...

Now you need a round rod Gallaway.....