Thursday, January 22, 2015


It's bored. It's sleeved.  The piston is turned; the ring grooves are cleaned up.  The new (very special) rings were ordered. They not only overlap up and down; they overlap in and out. The new rings arrived.  They are 1/16" wide.  They should be 5/16" wide. 

Oh, Well; or words to that effect.  The Bessemer has been part of our life since 1976, and we figure it died at least forty years before that.  We were hoping to see it run at Gary's upcoming crankup in March, but it's not meant to be. Soon, though; soon.


Merle Morrison said...

That piston sure was used & abused; mostly it looks like corrosion from sitting so long. Can you tell what caused it?

I'll bet you get a LOT of piston slap with rings that much undersized!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

The rod broke in the 20's or 30's, and the owner pulled the exhaust box off of it. He put it back, loosely, with nothing covering the exhaust hole on top. He also had the head off, and put it back loosely. Forty or more years of weather on the top of the cylinder and the piston via the exhaust port really pitted the cylinder, piston and rings. The correct rings are ordered, and hopefully will arrive soon. The new rod still has to be welded up, and then Gary will have to pour the rod bearing. It will be running this year, and we will report on it when it's ready.