Sunday, January 22, 2017

Never Get Out Of The Boat: A Brutal Demonstration

Last year we had our own little experience with a nasty individual who tried to kick in our doors, broke our windows, broke into the garage, and stole our car.  We stayed in our living space (prepared in case he got in) and let the police handle the situation outside when they arrived.  This video by Colin Flaherty shows in no uncertain terms what can happen when you leave cover to confront a bad guy.  I counted five blows from the bad guy's fists, and then twenty-four with the baseball bat.  Pull the slider over to the 5:00 mark to see how it goes. The perpetrator was leaving after causing trouble, and the clerk had no good reason to leave the teller's cage.  He suffered dearly for the mistake.


skybill said...

Hi Blue,
From the looks of things, the store keeper was totally un prepared!!! A Bat is what you use at a "Baseball Game" not go up against a Robber with!!! Perhaps a Remington 870 or the H & R Pardner Home Defence 18" Barrel 5 shot mag. shotgun!! When you "Rack a Round" The Sound!! will get their attention!!

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I figure any criminal encountered is more skilled and capable at fighting than a mild working class person. You gotta have an equalizer if you can't get away.