Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why Would Anyone Go Into Police Work Today?

I saw in the comments that these "largely peaceful protestors" looted sixteen pharmacies in Baltimore.  They took nearly everything but contraceptives and work boots.  Sounds about right.


thinkingman said...

I have a thought on that. It has to do with how policing has deteriorated from the image of Adam 12 to the image of the current crop who, if they have contact with you, are looking to escalate that encounter into something them will arrest you for, no matter how flimsy their invented situation may be, the image of police who were trained in Academy to shoot any dog they encounter ( and what to write in the report, which reads like a rubber stamped narrative ). How about the image of Internal Affairs, which used to be a value to any department by getting rid of bad cops, whereas now, it seems to exist to put a stamp of justification, no matter how ludicrous, on even the most egregious behavior whenever possible. Some guys want to help society, and find they cannot when many of their coworkers are one of society's problems, and they are shunned for not getting in line with that. Sorry about being wordy, and yes, I know how I'll hear about "a few bad apples ", but the truth is that Police Organizations are as a whole, NOT doing a great job of keeping it clean.

Merle Morrison said...

That's true in some cases, but certainly not all.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I have had many more good experiences with law enforcement than bad ones. The jobs in law enforcement are hard, and they are not getting any easier.