Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hank's Daddy, Ervin Simpson, Rest In Peace

I delivered a tree planting machine to Ervin Simpson well after dark, many years ago during the Spring tree planting season.  When I was ready to leave, Mr. Simpson asked me if I wanted a cat.  That's an odd question from a landowner, but Hank had been fighting with the other cat, and they had Hank declawed.  That made him worse.  A declawed cat will become a biter instead of a claw fighter, and Hank wasn't fitting in.  I put Hank in the truck with me and he rode home cuddled up against me.  We already had cats, so we put Hank in the utility room by himself and that became his home.  He was happy there, and he didn't have any problems with our other cats that way.  Every time I saw Ervin after that he would ask how old Hank was doing.  He missed his cat.  Well, Hank got bladder cancer in his old age, and we had to have him put down.  We hated that, and I did tell Mr. Simpson what happened to his old friend.  This week I saw Ervin Simpson's obituary on the WFIW Radio website.  He was a good old country boy, and I liked him from the first time I met him.  When you keep a loved pet for someone, it creates a bit of a bond.

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