Monday, March 6, 2017

Has The Weird Magnet Struck Again?

When you drive across southern Wayne County on I-64 in Southern Illinois you had best be careful. For many years there has been speculation that a mysterious force, known as the "Weird Magnet" makes people behave in a crazy fashion. Folks have been known to stop and disrobe while driving through, and there have been many other instances of bizarre behavior. Here's the latest, reported in the Wayne County Press from Thursday, March 2, 2017: "Florida Man Blames Crack Cocaine On Prostitute" Yes, he really did that! A truck driver from Palmetto, Florida was stopped last week on I-64 in southern Wayne County. When the door of the truck was opened, the trooper "discovered a plastic baggie containing approximately one gram of a rock-like substance that field-tested positive for crack cocaine." A pipe with cannabis was also found by the State Trooper. The truck driver told the cop that the cocaine "belonged to a prostitute he met in Laredo, Texas and she had left it in the vehicle." I guess maybe he was going to take it back to Texas and return it!? The driver also told the trooper that the cannabis "belonged to his cousin in Florida." The driver was taken to the Wayne County Jail, where I assume a good laugh was had by all personnel. You can subscribe to the Wayne County Press (213 East Main, Fairfield, IL 62837) for $57.00 per year and enjoy this type of entertainment twice a week.

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