Sunday, March 5, 2017

Our Tipping Pin Oak

We have been watching our big pin oak tip with great consternation, because it is going in the pond, and there is no pulling it back.  It will become a "project" and there is no way to fight it.  Back in November 2015 the lean was 5 5/8" in 2 feet.

November 2015

March 2017

The tree is 90 feet tall, so 7" in two feet represents 315" off center at the top.  I had predicted that this tree would be in the pond by Christmas 2015, so I am not very good at predictions, but there is no doubt that this tree is going down.  It will be a project. 


Merle Morrison said...

D9 Cat & pull it back to vertical plus - then bring it down? :)


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I don't think we could place a line high enough in the tree to get the leverage we need. We have thought about it. The Law of Evil Magnetic Forces would probably make the tree tip while a person was up there on a ladder throwing a loop around it. Some days a dark cloud hovers over your head.

jon spencer said...

When it goes into the pond, the branches should become a safe haven for thousands of minnows.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

It will be one Big-A** fish attractor for sure!