Sunday, March 7, 2021

Barn Door, Horses

 It's always something. We had an "event" last week. We had trespassing fishermen, dealt with that, then found later in the day that we had been burglarized. Then we were burglarized again the same day. Were the fishermen the burglars? No proof, but those are mighty big coincidences. Entry was via a clunker pickup truck that came through the road ditch into our property, so now we are putting up fencing to make that harder to do again. Oh Well, or words to that effect.  The truck belongs to the girlfriend of one of those guys. Neither one has a driver's license. One said they came to fish at 2:00, the other said they came at 4:00. Looking at the entry, they had come in twice and left once, so they possibly hauled off loot before they fished. After law enforcement arrived and the fishermen were interviewed they were charged with fishing without permission, fishing without a license, and both received a warning for trespass. We discovered the burglary after law enforcement and the fishermen were gone. 

We needed to block off the ditch where entry was made, so we went out Saturday afternoon to buy fencing supplies, and on our return we interrupted the burglars while they were piling items from the barns to steal. We sorted through those things and took aluminum and copper to a scrap yard, netting 58 bucks. We continued to find more evidence of thieving as we tightened up through the week. It's all very frustrating.

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Merle said...

things like that make you want to take more aggressive measures... :(