Monday, May 23, 2022

Tuesday Torque: General Motors Diesel Locomotives, 1937

 Tjos week's post was suggested by Zeke, who is a lifelong train enthusiast. He wrote, "General Motors filmed this in 37 and released in 38.  It has some good shots of streamliners and early switch engines.  I think most of the Burlington locos were shot around Chicago as I see the Western Ave coal tower appear in some of the footage.  There’s even a cameo by 3007 on a turntable, presumably in Aurora.  O.T. rode behind that at least once.  It’s preserved at Union IL.  Click to video 1.  Thanks for the links, Zeke!

GM did an updated version of this in 42 that has a lot more engine related material and an eye toward the war effort."   Click to video 2. Hmmm, the second video will embed, so here it is.

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