Thursday, May 12, 2022

We Are Thick With Ticks!

 We posted this little video seven years ago, and it's worth looking at again. The ticks are numerous as they are every spring. Big ones, tiny ones, itchy little biters. Pop them out and give them a ride down the water slide in your bathroom sink, or wrap them up in tape for a quiet nap. Be alert for tick diseases. Watch for a circular rash around the bites, and get antibiotics if that happens.

Our little Schip, Lisa Marie developed crippling arthritis, we think from a tick borne disease. She first had knee problems, then her toes splayed, then her ankles went. She was a happy and brave girl through it all until her hips failed her. It was brutal to watch her decline, and then we had to make that final trip to the vet. So, watch for signs of sickness after tick bites, and don't hesitate to seek medication. 

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boron said...

Years ago (when I smoked ~3 pks of Marlboros/day) I'd apply jes a little bit of heat to the critter's rear end and watch it back out slowly taking all its mouth parts with it.