Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Too Many Tacos?

Taco Tierra in Fairfield, Illinois has been a regular stop for lunches for more than twenty-five years; they have lunch specials Monday through Friday, and that determines what I order when I stop.  Whether you stop at ten in the morning or eight o'clock at night, the line is out to the street, and you don't order over a speaker.  One of the workers comes to your window, takes your order, (Mild, Medium, or Hot?) and your food is ready when you get to the window.  Recently I pulled up to the window, the lady opened the little door and said "$3.63."  I handed her the money, she handed me a bag of tacos, and I drove a couple miles down the road and parked to eat my lunch.  Halfway through the first taco I realized that I hadn't placed an order, but the bag had what I wanted.  Try that at your local burger outlet.


Anonymous said...

A sure sign that your patronage is recognized and appreciated!


Anonymous said...

So then, just how often do you eat there???


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Usually at least once per week. Tuesday is Hard Taco Day, and Thursday is Soft Taco Day. If I am in town close to lunch, that's where I go.