Friday, May 10, 2013

The May Mr. Completely e-Postal Is Up...

...over at  The Smallest Conservavtive.  This contest is designed by Danno's Sand Castle Son, and it's a good one, with huge rewards in points if you are willing to risk half of your shots on the highest value target.  The scoring criteria is HERE, so you can begin forming your strategy to win fame and glory in the gun-blogging world. 

This contest will run through the month of May, so you should have plenty of opportunities to schedule some range time with family and friends.  We have hosts lined up for the year, through November, so join in on the fun.  You know you need the practice.

March:  Mr. Completely
April:  Jimmy B, theCUG
May:  Sand Castle Son at Smallest Conservative and 
July: Billll of Bill’s Idle Mind
August: Carteach of Carteach0
September: True Blue Sam, right here
November: Danno at Sand Castle Scrolls

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